Questions for Sunamganj students

Students at Central Foundation have lots of questions for students in Sunamganj.  Watch these films to find out what they want to know.  They’re waiting for your response. Just click on the links below

Questions for Bangladesh

Film for Bangladesh by Amirjan, Momtaz, Nabila and Salma


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Visit to Sunamgonj (April 2012)

On the 29th of March 2012, Farzana Begum (9Y), Suraya Khatun (9U) and Nadia Ahmed (9I) travalled to Bangladesh with Qatar Airways with Ms Aiken (CFGS) and Ms Monoghan (CFGS), Ritaj (St Matthias) and Dolores (St Matthias). It was a journey that we will cherish forever and we will never forget the students. We visited all the school and worked together with student to hold workshops on: climate change; forced marriage drama; arts and sports.

We’ve all had a safe journey back and we couldn’t thank you all enough for having us! It was an exciting and moving experience, working with the students, sharing ideas and having fun at the same time. It’s amazing to see the amount of enthusiasm you all had towards learning and with this enthusiasm I wish you all achieve your goals and aims in life.

Thank you for the postcards which will be sent to Rushanara Ali our local MP and we will all work together to tackle climate change.

I will write on this for any upcoming news on the whole project connecting classrooms.

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Climate Change Campaign Update

I’m sorry it’s been so long since we updated this blog. So much has happened!!

First the Year 11 girls at Central Foundation worked really hard on their campaign to persuade the UK government to commit more funds to the Green Climate Fund.  A group of them visited Rushanara Ali (our local MP) in parliament and asked her to do more to make sure that Britain remained committed to the fund at the global climate change conference in Durban.  Rushanara was really impressed with their presentation and said that she would support their campaign.  She asked them to  get more people on board to increase the pressure on David Cameron.

So….together with the help of the international NGO Oxfam they planned a lesson about climate change in Bangladesh which aimed to get students to think about what needs to be done.  The plan was to get students to write their message on a postcard to Rushanara at the end of the lesson.  The students taught this lesson to lots of students at Central, and wrote to other schools to ask them to take part too.   Altogether over 1000 postcards were collected from Tower Hamlets students. Pretty impressive!!

Rushanara then invited students from several different schools in Tower Hamlets to present their campaign at a special event to mark the 40th anniversary of Bangladeshi independence in December 2011. This wasn’t any old event.  It was a celebration at Speakers House in the Houses of Parliament. The room was full of politicians, campaigners and supporters of Bangladesh from the UK and Bangladeshi communities. The girls did a great job presenting their campaign in front of such a distinguished audience.  The Bangladeshi Foreign Minister was there too.  They delivered a powerful speech asking for politicians to do more to help people in Bangladesh deal with climate change, and at the end they handed Rushanara the 1000 postcards they had collected.  This forced the politicians to address the issue of climate change in their speeches, and got everyone talking about the campaign.  Some visitors even wrote their own postcard after the speeches had finished.

Here’s a link to an article on the Oxfam Youth blog about this visit, written by Amirjan Begum CFGS.

Presentation at Speakers’ House 40th Anniversary on PhotoPeach



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If you can’t see the artwork below, try this.

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We need your comments to take to the UK parliament next week. Tell us what you want the world leaders to discuss at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban next month.

At the meeting in Cancun last year world leaders agreed to create a Green Climate Fund to help LEDCs adapt to the challenges of climate change.  They pledged support for $100bn every year from 2020. To date no money has been put into this fund and countries like Bangladesh desperately need support to help communities build flood defences, strengthen homes, and develop new ways of farming and earning a living in the face of flooding and a changing climate.

Oxfam is calling for world governments to introduce a Robin Hood Tax and a tax on shipping to help generate money for the Green Climate Fund.  Students from Central Foundation, BGTC and St Matthias are meeting with Rushanara Ali, the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow on Wed 23rd November to ask her to put pressure on David Cameron to introduce these taxes, and pledge more support for climate change projects at the meeting in Durban.  They will take your comments to Westminster for you and deliver them to Rushanara. Rushanara Ali is the Shadow Secretary for International Development. 

You can find out more about the Robin Hood tax and the Green Climate Fund here. 

Please add your comments here. What do you think the UK government should discuss, and commit to doing at the conference in Durban?


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Views from Sunamganj on Climate Change

Find out how climate change is affecting people in Bangladesh NOW by watching this informative film made by students in Government S.C. High School, Sunamganj.

 Post your comments below.

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Beautiful artwork by Bangladeshi students

Look at these beautiful drawings by students in Sunamganj.  They show what the villages and rivers are like, and some of the effects of pollution on the environment.







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Pictures of Gorsefield!!

Gorsefield on PhotoPeach

Hi, this is Marjia from Central Foundation. Here are some photos from Gorsefield. I had a great time and miss the students from Bangladesh. Please write to us and put some of your photographs on the blog.


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Rushanara Ali, MP supports our campaign

Last night Nabila, Salma, Amirjan and Momtaz from Central Foundation went to the Houses of Parliament to meet Rushanara Ali and tell her about our campaign to tackle climate change. It was a really productive meeting because Rushanara is the Deputy Shadow Secretary for International Development and she is really concerned about the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh herself. The girls read out quotes from the testimonies we received from Bangladesh, and asked Rushanara to raise these issues in Parliament. Rushanara promised that she would and said that she is hoping to get more young people involved in a campaign to get the British government to commit more finance for climate change adaptation projects in countries like Bangladesh. We are going to keep on working with Rushanara and Oxfam on this campaign and hope that all 8 schools can work together on this.

After the meeting Rushanara showed us around the House of Commons. We even got to sit in the gallery and watch some of the debate in Parliament!

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New films and Meeting with Rushanara Ali, MP

There are new films about the girls’ school U.B.B. on their page in the Getting to Know Each Other area, some climate change testimonies and footage of Sunamganj students taking action in the Climate Change page, and more films about waste too.  The films you’ve added so far are great, but keep them coming……

Also, we had good news this week as we have been invited to meet Rushanara Ali next Tuesday to discuss climate change and the new Energy Bill that is currently being debated in parliament. If you have things you would like to say to Rushanara then leave your comments here and we will pass your messages on.

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